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The universal membrane can be cut all you want
Effectively reduce inventory and save costs
Spider Web Structure
Nano-fusion Technology
Micro-scratch automatic repair

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S-057 Hydrogel  Membrane Film for Smartphone
The universal membrane can be cut all you want, effectively reduce inventory and save costs
Import flexible material, Bare-like feel
Spider Web Structure
Nano-Fusion Technology, micro-scratch automatic repair, easy to resist daily shaving
10,000 rubs without leaving marks and automatic repair
Fullscreen fits tightly, the surface is not warped
Please Note:
Each box contains 50 Hydrogel film and a QR code with 55 credits, (just scan it to add the credits to your Sunshine or Relife machine)
The Sunshine SS-057 Membranes could be used with different types of Cutting Machine, our company recommends their use exclusively with the Sunshine 890C or Relife 870C
We assume no responsibility in case of misuse with other machines similar to ours.


Intelligent Hydrogel Membrane Cutting Machine Sunshine SS-890C

If you are bored of your stock of tempered Glass or having to wait too long for the new models to come out?This machine is right for youOne machine…One type of Membrane for all existing Phone models …https://www.phoneparts.com.mt/p/hydrogel-cutting-machine-sunshine-ss-809c-50-free-hydro-membrane/

Pubblicato da PhoneParts su Domenica 24 novembre 2019






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