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Qianli Apollo Firmware Upgrade V1.2.3

Upgraded firmware V1.2.3 for Apollo:
  1. Fix the bug of incorrect date recognition for batteries that are manufactured after 2020;
  2. Fix the problems of heating and shutdown of some devices when batteries ...
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JC P11F Important Server Upgrade (V1.26)

V1.26 has beed officially released, connect to the JC Repair Assistant to upgrade automatically !! ...
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QianLi Apollo VS QianLi iCopy

in this table you can check the differences between the new Qianli Apollo tool and its predecessor, iCopy,
The table will help you understand whether to continue using iCopy or whether ...
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JC iDetector News 2021-02-20

New Add Function for Code Free Query!!
Applies for retrieving Bluetooth/WiFi code when the underlying data is lost
Support A7-A11 and jailbreaking iOS devices
Free inquiry of serial number, WiFi, Bluetooth And cellular ...
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Weather conditions in DHL hubs 10 Feb 2021

it is two days we have problems with the speed of shipments, caused by the terrible weather conditions in Germany, the planes are unable to leave for Malta from Germany ...
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JC iDetector Being tested by Phoneparts

Phoneparts.com.mt, in collaboration with JC Programmer, is carrying out the latest tests of the handy and innovative JC iDetector tool, a tool on which JC has been working for over ...
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CUT App Update For Sunshine Relife Cutting Machine 2020/11/24

Dear users of CUT-APP The APP’s system data will be upgraded and integrated between 2020-11-24 (Tuesday) 12:00-15:00 (Beijing time), between 2020-11-24 (Tuesday) 19:00-22:00 (Central Europe Time) The new version of ...
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IPAD Membrane Mods For Sunshine 890C Cutting Machine

Following the instructions in this video, you can transform your Sunshine 890C Cutting Machine and also be able to cut large Hydrogel Membranes for iPad and Tablet, Please Note: Make ...
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